The first meeting of 2019 will be Monday, March 18th, 6:00 p.m.  All meetings will be held in the small conference room at the Olathe Bass Pro, located on the second floor just beyond the gun counter.  This will be the sign-up, draw and pairing for the Bone Creek tournament on Saturday, March 23rd.  Dues and tournament fees will be paid that night if not previously paid.  Also, we will be voting on proposed rule changes submitted prior to the deadline.

Bone Creek, March 23, 2019

First tournament of the year will be at Bone Creek Lake, south of Fort Scott, KS, located just west of Highway 69.

 Club News & Upcoming Events

October 01, 2018

Club Meeting - The Classic Tournament Draw


Bass Pro Shops

12051 Bass Pro Dr, Olathe, KS 66061

October 13, 2018

Backlashers Tournament - The Classic at Table Rock


On the water by TBD


Boat Order


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Perry Lake Tournament

September 16, 2018

Yesterday the club held its last regular season tourney at Perry lake. Tough, hot conditions made the guys work to catch some fish. 25 anglers only weighed in 25 bass. As always there’s the few that figure them out and put the pounds on the scale. Congrats to the guys that placed! Want to thank all the sponsors for this year and everyone that follows and supports the club we appreciate it! Next meeting is October 1st. 


Boater Division

1st - Mark Garent: 5 fish for 13.26 lbs
2nd - Dave Brown: 2 fish for 8.71 lbs
3rd - Joe-Brenda Prochnow 4 fish for 7.59 lbs


Non Boater Division

1st - Jim Hammond: 2 fish for 5.68 lbs
2nd - Lee Rucker: 2 fish for 3.52 lbs.

No third place spot. These were the only non boaters who brought in fish. Talk about tough!

Big bass: Dave Brown - 4.41 lb largemouth 

Melvern Tournament

September 08, 2018

This Saturday the club held a tournament at Melvern Lake. 17 boats and 29 anglers found fishing was good for numbers but not keepers. 51 keepers with 120.63 lbs with an average of 2.36 lbs per fish. Congrats to the guys who were able to catch more than the average 1-2 keepers like the majority of guys were only able to get.


Boater Division

1st - Vincent Hammond 5 fish 11.20 lbs
2nd - Mark Matulka 3 fish 10.25 lbs
3rd - Darrin Jones 4 fish 9.48 lbs


Non Boater Division

1st - Thai Lor 3 fish 9.23 lbs
2nd - Kit Lueg 2 fish for 5.66 lbs
3rd - Dan Suderman 2 fish 5.63 lbs


Big Bass Mark Matulka 5.21 lbs largemouth.

Pomme de Terre Tournament

July 30, 2018

This past weekend the club held a 2 day tournament at Pomme De Terre lake. Fishing was good for most with lots of limits brought in both days. Congrats to the guys who were able to find better quality fish longer than 13”!! Also thanks again to our great sponsors.

Boater Division

1st - Mark Matulka
2nd - Vincent Hammond
3rd - Ryan Jobe


Non Boater Division

1st - Curtis J Heintz
2nd - David Brown
3rd - Kaleb Cooper


Big bass on Saturday - Ryan Jobe 4.05 lbs
Big bass on Sunday - Vince Hammond 5.1 lbs.

LaCygne Tournament

June 09, 2018

On June 9th, the club held a tournament at La Cygne lake. With water temps in the high eighties the fish seemed to biting just as hot as he water. 16 boats hit the lake and the club weighed in 76 bass. Congrats to the guys who placed in the top 3 in both divisions! And once again, thanks to our wonderful sponsors!!


Boater Division

1st - Dustin Medlin: 5 fish, 17.79 lbs

2nd - Mark Garent: 5 fish, 16.75 lbs

3rd - Sam Leintz, Meghann Leintz 5 fish, 15.15 lbs


Non Boater Divison

1st - Devin Pino: 5 fish, 17.30 lbs

2nd - Jacob ParkHer: 5 fish, 16.59 lbs

3rd - Ryan Jobe 4 fish, 12.83 lbs


Big bass of the day: Vincent Hammond 6.26 lbs

Perry Tournament Rescheduled

June 01, 2018

The Perry Lake Tournament has been rescheduled for September 15th, 2018. Launch time TBD.

The sign up and draw meeting will be Monday, September 10th at Bass Pro. 7:00PM

Smithville Tournament

May 20, 2018

This Sunday, Backlashers headed to Smithville for a one day tournament. The lake produced some good numbers and size. Congrats to all the anglers who figured them out!

23 anglers
47 fish caught
2.61lbs average size bass


1st - Darryl Glassinger (16.28lbs)
2nd - Sam Leintz (13.13lbs)
3rd - Vincent Hammond (11.33lbs)
4th - Mark Gerent (11.10lbs)


1st - Devin Pino (14.15lbs)
2nd - Ryan Jobe (6.26lbs)
3rd - Dirk Oberzen (5.17lbs)
4th - Jerry Wagner (3.02lbs)


Big Bass: Dirk (5.17lbs)

Clinton Lake Tournament

May 14, 2018

This past Saturday the club held a tournament at Clinton lake. 15 boats and 24 anglers found success catching lots of fish but keepers were hit and miss. The club weighed in 54 fish with a healthy mix of large and smallmouth bass. Congrats to the anglers that we’re able to catch them and end up in the money! Thanks again to our wonderful sponsors!

Boater Division

1st -  Vincent Hammond: 5 fish, 13.24 lbs

2nd - Sam Lientz: 5 fish, 11.23 lbs

3rd - David Brown: 4 fish, 11.22 lbs

Non Boater

1st - Dan Suderman: 5 fish, 13.94 lbs

2nd - Phil Thompson: 4 fish, 7.60 lbs

3rd - Devin Pino: 3 fish, 6.76 lbs.


Big bass was Van Hayward with a 4.4 lb largemouth bass!

Stockon Lake Tournament

April 30, 2018

This past weekend Backlashers held a two-day tournament at Stockton lake. 17 boats and 30 fisherman headed out of Orleans Trail resort both mornings. The weather was beautiful and fishing was pretty good. Lots of short fish were caught and plenty of stories were told around the old cedar tree. The club weigh in 148 fish to be exact but decent size keepers were hard to come by. Most limits that were brought in average in the 9-10 lb range. Congrats to the guys who were able to do enough to cash a check! Also thanks to our wonderful sponsors!

Boater Division

1st - Justin Allen: 10 fish, 24.23 lbs
(Also had big bass on Saturday 6.55 lbs)

2nd - Dirk Oberzan: 10 fish, 21.19 lbs

3rd - Ian Schaben: 9 fish, 17.18 lbs

Non Boater Division

1st - Nick Trotter: 9 fish, 17.02 lbs

2nd - Caleb Cooper: 8 fish, 16.20 lbs

3rd - Dan Suderman: 8 fish, 15.72 lbs.

Big bass on Sunday Jerry Wagner 3.37 largemouth bass.

Lake of the Ozarks Tournament

March 25, 2018

This weekend the club had our first tourney of the season at Lake of the Ozarks. Staying at Lake Breeze resort hanging with the old and new guys was a great start to another year. Fishing on the other hand was tough for the most part. 20 boats and 35 anglers only caught 40 keepers in two days. With lots of boat pressure on Saturday and a windy cold front on Sunday with only a high of 40, most guys struggled to get a bite. But as usual, a few always figure it out and bring in a solid bag. Congrats to the winners and a special thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Lake Breeze resort and everybody who brought food, especially the wives. It was all great!

Boater Divison

1st - Kit Lueg: 6 fish, 14.71 lbs

2nd - Dan Suderman: 4 fish, 11.48 lbs

3rd - Heath A. Stuart: 6 fish, 10.49 lbs

Non Boater Division

1st - Theo: 4 fish, 14.79 lbs

2nd - Tyler Garretson: 4 fish, 14.65 lbs
(Also had big bass both days; a 4lb largemouth Sat, and a 6lb largemouth Sun!)

3rd - Joe Hernandez: 3 fish, 8.7 lbs.

Hotwater Shootout

March 10, 2018

Saturday was fourth and final hotwater shootout of the year at LaCygne lake. 14 boats hit the water on a very tough day of fishing for most. With no hot water and a very cold morning to start us off, the 14 teams only managed to catch 19 keepers. As usual there’s always that one team that does enough to pull it off for the win! Thanks for everyone who came out this year and fished!

1st - Nolte and Warner: 5 fish, 19.04 lbs.

2nd - Justin Allen and Fur Finley: 4 fish, 10.02 lbs.

Big bass - Nolte and Warner: 5.02 lbs.

New Member Mixer

February 19, 2018

The club held our New Member Mixer at Mondo Tackle Monday evening. We'd like to thank Raymond Bates for hosting our event and all the club members who attended. A big warm welcome to all the new members who also stopped by that are interested in or have already joined the club this year to fish. We can’t wait for the season to start!

Hotwater Shootout

February 17, 2018

Backlashers held their 3rd Hot Water shootout of the year at LaCygne Lake. With cold freezing rain to start the morning off and no warm water coming from the power plant, the lake temp was between 42-44 degrees. 22 boats took off and fishing was tough for most teams. In total, 24 fish were brought to the scales for weigh-in. As usual a few teams were able to figure something out and bring solid keepers to the scales. Congrats again to those who we’re able to win make the podium and bring home a check!

1st - Lucas Fornelli and Kolbe: 3 fish, 13.73 lbs. $616

2nd - Jeremy Johnson and Zach Wilson: 3 fish, 9.86 lbs. $176

3rd - Todd and Mike: 4 fish, 9.17 lbs. $88

Big Bass - Mark Matulka and David Brown 6.42 lb. $220

Annual Club Awards Banquet

January 13, 2018

The Club held our Annual Banquet and potluck on January 13th to hand out 2017 angler awards and welcome in the new season by releasing our tournament schedule for 2018! Thanks to everyone who attended, and a special thank you to Johnnys BBQ for making the ribs.

March 24-25: LOZ
April 7: Perry Lake
April 28-29 Stockton
May 12: Clinton Lake
May 20: Smithville
June 9: LaCygne
June 23-24: Pomme
July 21: Truman
September 8: Melvern
Classic at Table Rock: October 13-14

Hotwater Shootout

December 16, 2017

The club held our 2nd Hot Water shootout at La Cygne lake. With great winter weather, the fish bit pretty well! 57 fish were weighed in and handful were over 5 lbs! Congrats again to the winners and thanks to Travis Perret of Trophy Bass Jigs for some free gear that we handed out to the guys.

1st - Cameron Buck & Cale Beiermann: 5 fish, 20.19 lbs. including 6.81lb. bass. $925

2nd - Zach Vielhauer & Conner Nimron: 5 fish,19.15 lbs. including 6.48 lb. bass. $265

3rd - Tom Alsop and Kyle Alsop: 5 fish, 15.13 lbs. $130

Big Bass - Jeremy Johnson and Zach Wilson with a 7.31 lb beast! $330

Hotwater Shootout

November 19, 2017

Backlashers Bass Club held their first Hotwater series tournament at La Cygne lake, where 33 teams fished a cold high pressure day! Congrats to the teams who figured them out and cashed a check! Thanks for coming out and we will see you again at our next one! 

1st - Jeremy Johnson and Zach Wilson 5 fish: 15.21 lbs $924

2nd - Zach Vielhauer and Conner Nimrod 5 fish: 14.35 lbs. $264

3rd - Jeremy Conway and Brian Ondrejka 3 fish: 7.30 lbs. $132

Big Bass - Taylor Harris 4.56 lbs. $330

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