1.      ELIGIBILITY: Participation is open to all that have paid their dues.  Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.  Members must have dues paid prior to the first tournament, attend 50% of club functions, as well as be in good standings with B.A.S.S.

2.      ENTRY FEES: The entry fee per tournament will be $40.00 for a 1-day tournament and $45.00 for a 2-day tournament.  Entry fee should be paid at the pre-tournament meeting, but will be accepted at the ramp.  Entry fee is non-refundable. Participants who enter the tournament as a non-boater must pay their boater a minimum of $30/day.  The boater is responsible for collecting this fee.  Non-boaters who travel with boaters should also help with travel expenses.   

3.      PRIZE MONEY: All entry fees will be combined and of that, $3.75/pp goes to the club, $5.00/pp goes toward the Classic, $5.00/pp goes in the Big Bass Pot for a 1-day tournament ($10.00/2-day), $5.00/pp goes to a new 3rd Place pay-out which is boater/non-boater specific, which means, if there are 15 boaters and only 10 non-boaters, the 3rd place pot would be $75 for the boater and $50 for the non-boater.  What money is left will be paid out 60% to 1st Place and 40% 
to 2nd Place (which equals to $12.75/pp for 1st and $8.50/pp for 2nd).

Big Bass Pot is 100% payback (2 separate Big Bass Pots on 2-day tournaments)

4.      PAIRING OF CONTESTANTS:  If you are unable to attend the pairing meeting, to be eligible to fish, an angler must contact a board member prior to the meeting in order to be placed in the draw.  Pairings and boat starting positions will be determined at the meeting prior to each tournament by a drawing.  The first boater's name drawn will be the first boat out, 2nd drawn will be boat number 2, etc.  (The starting positions will be reversed on the second day of 
our 2-day tournaments.)  On 2-day tournaments, contestants can select their fishing partners or draw.  (We must make sure our non-boater members are taken care of first). After all boaters are drawn on one day tournaments, the non-boaters will be drawn and may select a boater to fish with that has not yet been taken. A non-boater may only fish with a particular 
boater one time during the season for one day tournaments (you may still fish with that boater for 2 days). There may be multiple boats fishing alone.  The boaters fishing alone will be determined by the draw after all non-boaters have been taken care of.  No choice will be given to fish alone.   If a boater does not show up for the tournament, his partner will be placed with another individual.  If a non-boater doesn’t show, he must pay $30.00 to the boater to help absorb expenses.  This rule does not apply if the boater was given enough notice of the no-show, therefore inviting another partner.  If sufficient notice is not given the member will not be refunded his entry fee. ($40.00 /$45.00)

       You are allowed to fish with club and/or non-club member family members as often as you like as long as our club members are taken care of first. (sequence = club member, family member, guest)
       If you draw a boater / non-boater, for a 1 day tournament, who you have fished with before in the same season, you must re-draw.
       During the “Classic” event, a boater will be allowed to fish alone regardless of where the event is being held.
       The “Classic” is a draw tournament ONLY!!

       We will draw for both days of the Classic.  Each boater will have a non-boater at least one day of the tournament.  A non-boater can be drawn with the same boater for both days, but only by "luck of the draw".

5.        NON-BOATERS:   The non-boater is not restricted to fishing only from the back of the boat.  (Boaters remember to take care of our Non-boaters.)

6.        SCORING:  Tournament winners will be determined by total weight of legal tournament fish.  Tournament fish are Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Kentucky (Spotted) Bass.  Length limits will concur with state and local regulations, this includes slot limits. (Fish over and under the slot can be kept). All tournaments will have a 5 fish creel limit.  One half pound will be deducted from total weight per day for each dead fish.  Any protest must be submitted to an officer in writing within 
15 minutes of the last fish being weighed.

7.        BOAT INSPECTION: Each boat will be inspected prior to takeoff by the last boat out or designee.  Live wells will be inspected for fish by last boater – last boat will be checked by weigh-master or designee.

8.        ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: No alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs will be consumed during tournament hours.  Failure to comply with this rule will be grounds for disqualification.

9.        SAFETY:  Safe boating must be observed at all times.  Anyone found operating in a reckless or unsafe manner will be disqualified.  Each contestant is required to wear a chest type, coast guard approved personal flotation device while the outboard is running over idle speed.  All tournament boats with a 40 horsepower or more must be equipped with an operable kill switch that is attached to the driver.

10.        SPORTSMANSHIP:  Sportsmanship, professional courtesy, consideration, and safety are expected from each contestant.  Any infraction of the fundamental sporting principles may be deemed cause for automatic disqualification.  

11.        TIEBREAKER:  In case of a tie, the following tie breakers will be used in this order.  1) Greatest number of fish weighed.  2) Heaviest fish per stringer.  If ties cannot be broke in this manner, the prize money that otherwise would go to the places involved would be totaled and divided equally among the contestants involved. In the event of no fish weighed in, the prize money would then be transferred to the next tournament.  In case of a tie for “Big Bass”, the heaviest stringer will break the tie.

12.        SHORT FISH: Any short fish presented at weigh-in by a contestant will be culled and a 2 pound penalty will be assessed for each short fish.  All fish will be measured by the weigh-master using the Golden Rule.  No contestant shall touch a fish after it has been presented for weigh-in.  Each contestant should check his/her rule to the weigh-master’s rule prior to the tournament.  Courtesy checks are to be done at your own discretion before the fish is presented to the scale master.

13.        TACKLE & EQUIP: Only artificial lures may be used.  No live or prepared baits are allowed, with the exception of pork style baits.  Only one rod is to be used at a time.  No trolling is allowed.  Nets are allowed.

​Use of umbrella rigs, aka "Alabama Rig," will be allowed under state and local regulations only.  Example: if only two lures per line are allowed, the same will be true for the umbrella rig.

14.        FISHING LOCATIONS: Fishing is permitted anywhere within the tournament lake.  No contestant is allowed within 50 yards of another contestant anchored and with the trolling motor up in a particular location.  Local regulations should be observed at all times. The tournament director will advise the club of any and all off limit areas at the meetings before each tournament.

15.        TOURNAMENT HOURS: Tournament hours will be established by the Tournament Director.  The majority of the participating contestants must approve any change in hours.  Changes to schedule can be made at any time by any state or local department.


16.        CHECK IN: All contestants must check in upon arrival to the weigh-in area.  In the case of a contestant being late to take-off, the individual shall lose his/her boat position and is liable for letting another contestant know of his/her presence on the lake.  Any contestant leaving early must notify another contestant or leave a note on an officer’s vehicle. Weigh-in will not begin until all boats are moored or trailered, barring a breakdown. This way all boaters have help getting out of the water even if 
they have no partner to back them down.

17.        LATE RETURNS: Contestants who are not at the official check point area by the appointed time shall be penalized at the rate of 1 pound per minute to be deducted from the total weight of his/her catch that day, including any pounds to be counted toward "Big Bass" award for each one (1) minute he/she is late. Any contestants more than 15 minutes late shall lose all credit for that day's catch. There shall be no excuses for tardiness, and in no case shall a contestant be allowed to make up "lost time".  Exact starting and check-in times will be announced at the pre-tournament meeting.  Exception; A boater who has broken down may have another boat transport their fish to weigh in without penalty, as long as the fish are at the checkpoint at the specified time. This is the only exception to the late return rule!

18.        TIMEKEEPER: Each tournament will have a designated timekeeper.  The timekeeper will announce the starting time on the lake at the beginning of each tournament, and call the boat order.  At this time he/she will designate a no-wake buoy, dock, etc… that all contestants must be within at the completion of the tournament.

19.        CULLING – Must follow State and / or local regulations.   Culling of dead fish is not allowed at anytime. This could result in disqualification. Non-piercing cull tags are required.

20.        EIGHTEEN-INCH LAKES, KANSAS: “Bass Pass” will be used for all tournaments held on Kansas lakes between September 1st and June 15th.   Bass Pass allows you to carry in your live well and weigh in 5 fish under the 18” legal limit.  These fish must still be 15” min.    


“Bass Pass” lakes, 5 fish limit can consist of 5 “Bass Pass” fish.
All current Kansas Bass Pass regulations shall be used for purposes of Bass Pass Tournaments.

21.        SMALL BOATS: All boats 90 horsepower and smaller shall receive an additional 15 minutes on small lakes and 30 minutes on large lakes at the end of normal tournament hours.  Officers will determine time advantage.

22.       GUESTS:  Each member is allowed to bring and fish with guests as often as they like (Boater or Non-Boater) BUT can only bring the same guest once. This excludes family members (non club family members can fish as often as they like as long as Backlasher Club members are taken care of first. (See rule 4.  Sequence = club members, family members, 

23.         THE "CLASSIC"  - A “Classic” type format tournament will be the last tournament of the year and will be open to all eligible members of the club.  To be eligible, you must fish at least 4 tournaments.  Then, you would have to pay $8.75 per tournament missed.  For Example: If you missed 2 tournaments you would have to pay to the club $17.50 to be able to fish the Classic. The most tournaments fished as a boater or non-boater during the season will determine what division you will fish in the Classic.  EXAMPLE:  You fish 4 tournaments as a boater and 3 as a non-boater, you qualified to fish as a 
1.        If you qualify as a boater and are not able to use your boat, you can fish and compete as a non-boater.
2.        If you were asked during the season to change your boater/non-boater status to help even the draw, you may have an option to choose what division you want to fish.

24.     POINT SYSTEM:  We use a “100 point system” to determine final club standings and to determine all award winners.  Points will be awarded to all participants after each tournament based on how they place.  Total weight of each tournament will still be used to determine how many points are awarded.  Here is how it works: 100 points will be awarded for the first place finisher based on total weight, all remaining places (with fish) receive a 1pt increment less for their respective place. Anglers are allowed to "buy" points. They must pay before the date of the tournament. You are not allowed to purchase points after the event.

1st         100 points        6th        95 points        11th place on = 1pt increments less.                
2nd          99 points        7th        94 points        No fish = receives 50 show up points
3rd          98 points        8th        93 points        
4th          97 points        9th        92 points
5th          96 points        10th      91 points

        1st Big Bass will receive 5 bonus points
        2nd Big Bass will receive 2 bonus points.

At the end of the season, everyone will throw out one tournament.   If you fish all scheduled tournaments, you still must throw out one. These points will be totaled at the end of the season.        

       - Angler of the Year  - Individual with the highest total points of the year.
        -Either, Boater of the Year or Non-Boater of the year - Based on the total points of the specific division.
        -Big Bass Award – Awarded to the individual that weighs in the biggest bass of the year.
        -Rookie of the Year – Awarded to a first year club member that has the highest point total of all other first  year members.
        -Boater Classic Champion – Individual boater with the highest total weight during the classic.                                 -Non-Boater Classic Champion – Individual non-boater with the highest total weight during the classic.
        -FCA – Individual with the highest Fish Catching Average (# of fish caught divided by the number of fish possible to catch.)  Example - you catch 3 fish with a possible limit of 5 fish, your FCA would be .600 (Angler must fish at least half the tournaments in the season to qualify for award. The Championship tournament does NOT count towards one of your entries.
        -Backlashers Angler and Co-Angler of the Year will receive their dues for the following year paid by club.
        -Big Bass winner will receive $25.00.
        -The top Boater and Non-Boater in each of our affiliated Nations (Kansas Bass Nation and Missouri Bass Federation Nation)  will each have their entry fees paid ($100/each) to their respective state tournaments, Kansas' Mr. Bass and Missouri's State Championship.  Each team will also receive $75 in travel expenses.

         B.A.S.S. National                   $30.00
         Kansas Bass Nation OR          
         Missouri Bass Federation    $30.00
         Club Dues                               $25.00
         Total                                        $85.00

          B.A.S.S. National and Kansas Bass Nation OR Missouri Bass Federation Nation will be paid by the club for the following officers:
               Tournament Director


          These officers are still responsible for their club dues of $25.00

          The club will reimburse officers for gas expenses for attending federation related meetings.  Spring & Fall  Rep Meetings.  (mileage X price per gallon)


**The interpretation of these rules shall be at the discretion of the club officers and all decisions will be final.**​

© 2018 by Backlashers Bass Club of Kansas City.